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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Arrivals

What do you get when you cross a Blue Slate Tom Turkey with a Bourbon Red Hen Turkey?  This...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keeping up Appearances...

Sometimes appearances are just that... appearances.  Here we are nearly mid April and still no sign of a baby goat for Chiba.  And since I sold the buck right before Thanksgiving, I don't really see how she could be pregnant.  

"I'm not pregnant"

A Boer Goats gestation is 148-152 days, with the gestation calculator using 150 as the average number of days.  I'm going to use November 10, 2014 as the date I'm pretty sure I sold him, because that was a Monday, and the small livestock sales only take place on Mondays, and because that was right before Thanksgiving.  Make sense? 

To clarify, if I calculate the number of days from November 10th, this would put her at 150 days as of today (April 8th).  I hope she proves me wrong and drops a kid this week, but it doesn't seem likely.  And if she isn't pregnant, well, then she is embarrassingly overweight and the shame is on me for letting her become that way.  Enough said. ~A

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chaos is coming...

No pictures today, except this one I found.  Because it gives me hope that winter is on its way out eventually.

This is the time of the year when I can hardly stand one more cold, icy day of winter.  Things are quiet at the moment on the farm, but an email I received this morning from My Pet Chicken let me know my baby chicks shipped today and will arrive anytime between Tuesday and Thursday, so long as all goes well.  I honestly can't even remember how many I ordered.  I've been too distracted with other things.  I do know that I ordered Black Copper Marans and Barred Rocks. 

It's mid February.  Spring is just over a month away, and daylight saving time is near (my favorite).  The horses will be taken off the pasture now and only turned out in the round pen, or if the ground is really frozen, then out to the pasture on those days.  The pasture needs time to recover, and then can be used again starting around the third week of May.

The goat is showing no signs of getting ready to give birth, and honestly at this point I hope she isn't pregnant.  It's too cold for babies right now. 

Two new little piglets have been paid for, and will have to be picked up in the next few weeks.  They'll be easy at first, but when they reach about 100-150 lbs. things start to get tricky.  Then all they want to do is eat and let you know they are hungry. One will be sold for sure, the other will be butchered for Christmas presents for family. 

Things are about to speed up on the farm.  Have a wonderful day ~A

Friday, August 15, 2014

What a pig...

I knew nothing (and still very little) about pigs.  But this year I decided to add one to the menagerie at Mon Abri, and I have to say its been a good choice so far. 

(The one on the right is just a dog that eats like a pig...)
My perception of pigs was that they are dirty and stink.  Neither is true, as I've discovered.  At least not with my pig... 

He has a stall to sleep in lined with fresh sawdust, and a kiddie-pool of clean water out in the yard to play in.  He gets out to run all over the pasture and play with the dog, and root around all over to find whatever it is that pigs find when they root around. Ocassionaly he plays in the mud.  But then he always runs back to his kiddie pool to wash off. 

He like to build himself a little "nest" to sleep in by stacking up his hay just right.  He's really quite particular about it too.  Who knew that pigs build nests?

 I used to envision them laying around in their own crap and mud all day, covered in flies, which I guess is actually what they would do, given no other choice. But no, not my piggy! He found a good home ; )

See how clean and shiny he is?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chicks and Buns

The spring babies are all vibrant and healthy, and growing like weeds.  A couple of the bunnies are now venturing away from the nest and out into the world, and sharing carrots with the mothers.  The baby chicks are showing some odd color variations the previous hatches never had.  Anyone know why this would be?  Same roosters and hens, so what gives?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pressure cookers, snow, and a fat goat

"You know who" has still not shown any sign of a due date.  I'm ready to give up on her...

I'm feeling rather low and beat down with all this cold and snow and snow and cold.  And what do woman tend to do when they're feeling down?  Shop, of course.  And so I did.

I have an aluminum pressure canner/cooker that I absolutely love, but knowing that aluminum is not the best to cook with (only to can with), and knowing how often I use my canner (a lot!), I decided to splurge an buy a smaller, everyday stainless steel cooker for non-canning use. So I bought an 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker this morning on Amazon and now I can't wait for it to arrive!

I hate waiting.  I'm already dreaming of all the recipes I want to try with it. 

Five days or so and it will arrive.  Unless the delivery man cannot get up my snow filled driveway.  Fingers crossed...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still no signs

Well, its February. 

February is Goat kidding month.  The month when goats normally start having babies (aka "kidding").  But the only kidding happening here on this farm is my goat kidding with me about whether she will ever give birth.  Can you tell I'm getting impatient? 

February 3, 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Adios January

Its 36 degrees today as I sit here slurping a hot bowl of tomato-basil soup, and this weather feels absolutely amazing after so many days of arctic BS.  This is the last day of January and I am very glad to see it go! I am so hoping for a kinder February and looking forward to spring again.

Not much of anything is happening on the farm right now.  Its just cold and uneventful.  Mama-to-be goat still has not shown any sign of having any babies any time soon.  I really am beginning to wonder if she is in fact pregnant?  What a trick that would be.  She went out for a stroll and played in the snow with her BFF doggie "Louie" yesterday, and seemed as content as ever bouncing around the snow covered pasture.

I am almost decided that a pig will be added to the farm this year.  I'm a little leery about getting one, because I know nothing about pigs and I still have to set up a pen for it.  But the farmer called me the other day and said the two sows had just given birth and the piglets will be ready in mid March.  So I need to hurry up and make a decision, pig or no pig. Have any of you out there raised a pig before, and if so, can you give me the dirt on what I'm getting myself into if I get one?  Is it worth it? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Well the weekend is finally here, and I'm looking forward to some better weather and the quiet time to experiment with some new recipes. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

What (almost) a year can do...

A little flashback to some of the farm babies, showing how they've grown over the past year (or less).

June 2013 (We're focusing on the little yellow guy here)

Remember that little yellow guy?  Here he is in December of 2013

And how about this cute little man back in March of 2013...
 Here he is now in December of 2013.  (With a suspicious turkey watching from behind....)

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