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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hidden Treasures

Can you see the two little guys peeking out?

The first day of October brought along the discovery of some new little chicks peeking out from under a hen this morning.  Now comes the challenge of moving them all into the barn and off the top of the haystack where she decided to brood them.  I'll wait until Saturday morning though, to give them all time to hatch.  She has anywhere from 8-12 eggs under her.  I didn't count them for fear of losing a finger or two - she was so vicious while sitting on them.  Good mama.

Happy October to All ~ A

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The chicks have landed

Hello farm-loving friends! Some very cold weather is headed this way for the coming weekend.  Actually, Sunday is the really bad day.  They are forecasting a high of 3 degrees, and a low of  minus 6 degrees.  The good news is the bad weather falls over the weekend, so no rushed morning commute into the city for my job.  I like to take it slow, and guzzle a few gallons of hot black coffee before I head out for barn chores in that kind of weather, and the work week just doesn't allow time for that kind of indulging. 

I am really missing burning wood in the stove to heat this winter. Totally my fault because I didn't schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning.  I suppose I could burn wood, but my mind would panic thinking I might catch the chimney on fire.  As soon as spring comes around I will have it inspected and begin stockpiling wood for next winter.  Financially its killing me too, because the furnace is electric. Again, my fault.  Lesson learned.

Tuesday the baby chicks arrived.  It was a cold morning too - at a whopping seven degrees.  Thanks to technology all the chicks were warm because under the hay in the box was a heat pack, good for up to 3 days of heat.  All eighteen of them are in good health and in my bedroom.  I don't trust the new cat not to go on a midnight hunt while I'm sleeping.  The soft red glow from their heat lamp is a little annoying to fall asleep to, but other than that they are remarkably quiet at night for the most part. In a week or two I will think about moving them out to the mud room, so long as the cat behaves...

BiBi the dog keeps watch over the chicks

A sweater has been set aside for a baby goat...should one arrive.  Still debating whether there is actually a pregnancy going on with Chiba.  Only time will definitely tell the answer to that mystery.

The horses are all well, and one has been sold and will be picked up sometime in the next 2-3 weeks if the weather cooperates. That will free up stall space for the two baby pigs that will be arriving around that time.  Can you sense the chaos starting to build here?

Hay is starting to run low, there might be three weeks worth left.  This weekend I will make time to find a source and restock.

Twenty-four days until Daylight Saving Time begins, and things will start to look better.  And I won't have to come home to a dark farm...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chaos is coming...

No pictures today, except this one I found.  Because it gives me hope that winter is on its way out eventually.

This is the time of the year when I can hardly stand one more cold, icy day of winter.  Things are quiet at the moment on the farm, but an email I received this morning from My Pet Chicken let me know my baby chicks shipped today and will arrive anytime between Tuesday and Thursday, so long as all goes well.  I honestly can't even remember how many I ordered.  I've been too distracted with other things.  I do know that I ordered Black Copper Marans and Barred Rocks. 

It's mid February.  Spring is just over a month away, and daylight saving time is near (my favorite).  The horses will be taken off the pasture now and only turned out in the round pen, or if the ground is really frozen, then out to the pasture on those days.  The pasture needs time to recover, and then can be used again starting around the third week of May.

The goat is showing no signs of getting ready to give birth, and honestly at this point I hope she isn't pregnant.  It's too cold for babies right now. 

Two new little piglets have been paid for, and will have to be picked up in the next few weeks.  They'll be easy at first, but when they reach about 100-150 lbs. things start to get tricky.  Then all they want to do is eat and let you know they are hungry. One will be sold for sure, the other will be butchered for Christmas presents for family. 

Things are about to speed up on the farm.  Have a wonderful day ~A

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