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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving arrives this Thursday.  And though I will not have a big group of people to feed (just a mere three), I will prepare all the traditional goodies just the same.  Otherwise is just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving.

The turkey is ready to be the star of the feast. I spent Sunday afternoon doing the necessary, not-so-pleasant part of Thanksgiving.  From the barn to the table the Turkey will go. A seventeen pound turkey was a bit challenging to process, but it all worked out fine. I do hope he cooks up lovely. (I apologize for the turkey photo, for those of you who hate the sight of blood. But it is what it is, and that's how its done.) 

A friend of mine took a different route, and sent her two Bourbon Reds to the processor to be done.  I'm curiously awaiting to hear from her what something like that costs. Not that I would probably ever bother, only because I like the idea of everything taking place on farm. But to each his own.  Neither way is wrong, just a different way. 

Stay tuned for more Turkey and Thanksgiving updates... 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Farm Updates

It looks like the last of the last of the good weather will be leaving the farm this week.  Tomorrow will be in the 60's, and then it dips into the low 20's by next Tuesday.  The heat lamps are going to have to be put into place in the barn this evening to keep the water pump from freezing.  I'm already having flash-backs to last winter's polar vortex frozen hell.

It makes me cringe knowing bigger electric bills are on their way, especially since I neglected to order wood for the winter and call in a chimney sweep to make sure the fireplace was good to go for another season.  But whose fault is that?

Two of the breeding does are due to birth bunny babies sometime around November 24th.  I love baby bunnies.  But then who doesn't?  I love them even more when they reach about five pounds and make a lovely dinner.

Today I called Mahan Slaughterhouse and Trumbull Locker (the packaging company) to schedule a day to bring in the pig for his "big day."  The appointment they gave me is about a month later than I had hoped to have him processed, but due to the large amount of deer processing that Trumbull Locker handles, it was just too booked up for them to take him.  They claim they are the third largest deer processing place in Ohio.  Mahan company slaughters the animals, Trumbull Locker does the processing.  For some reason or another, Trumbull is unable to slaughter.  So Pig's big day is January 2, 2015. It should be a real treat trying to coax him into the trailer...

Sometime before November 16th, two racehorses will be returning from the racetrack back to the farm, for a little break from the racing life.  There are two horses on the farm already, along with the goat, and only three stalls available.  Another stall is going to have to go up fast.

Garlic still has not been planted.  I've been a terrible farmer this year... So I've decided to make sure I get it in the garden not later than October 15th next season (fingers crossed).  I've also discovered I need to plant at least two hundred cloves just for personal consumption, and two hundred more if I ever want to sell any!

On a good note, the turkey-sized, poultry shrink wrap bags arrived from Nadya's Poultry. Now I can  butcher the turkeys and freeze them as I get time.

I'm also considering getting some outdoor lighting installed to light up the round pen so that I can keep working with the horses in the dark of the winter on weeknights.  By the time I get home from work, its as dark as it gets!  I hate letting the horses (and myself) do nothing and get so out of shape over the winter months and this could be my solution to the problem.  I'll check into the cost sometime next week.   Forgive me for all the long farm updates. Happy Tuesday ~A

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