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Monday, January 26, 2015

Let it snow

Though there isn't a lot going on during this time of year on the farm, other than some early spring cleaning in the house, purging of old files and preparing for taxes, one still has to make time to ride.  Snow or not!

Snow doesn't bother Dottie as much as it does me...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nine Days

Nine days until twenty-some family members (and a few dogs) arrive for our annual Christmas gathering at the farm.  I'm not panicking.  Not me.  Not one bit.  I'm used to hosting visitors now. 

A fellow farmer friend once told me that if I ever have a farm, be prepared for visitors.  Many visitors.  Announced and unannounced.  He also told me that anyone who ever owns a farm should be very grateful because not many will ever have that opportunity, and in his opinion, its a farm owner's duty to show their gratitude for their precious gift by sharing their farm, its beauty, its animals and its bounty with family, friends, guests and visitors as often as they are able.  A very wise man, no?...~A

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Name Chili

My company held their annual "chili cook-off" this past Monday.  I didn't win.  But this chili recipe that I entered with, under the classification if "most unusual," was a very good recipe any hoo.  Expensive because of the amount of meat involved, but very good and filling.  The "heat" was just right.  I don't appreciate fire-house type chili that is so hot you can't taste any of the flavors anyway.

And, I got to try out my new meat grinder attachment for my mixer.  Fun! I ground my own pork for this recipe, which you can find at Food 52.  Anyone have a great chili recipe they'd like to share?  I could use one.

Beer makes it better!

(the wine was not part of the recipe - it was for the cook!)


Monday, December 30, 2013


The Christmas Holiday has come and gone.  And I am so happy its over and I get a break from house guests for a while.  Not that I don't enjoy house guests and visitors, but for some reason, this time of year absolutely kicks my @$$.  It think it is all the cooking, and trying to make sure everyone is taken care of and has what they need, are fed enough and, well, you know how it is if you do any sort of entertaining at all.  It's tiring! And stressful.  And expensive!  Really expensive... 

Next year I want to get a better grip on things, and try to have as much of the holiday food (and drink!) as possible, come straight off the farm.  Why have a farm if you can't showcase all the good things it can provide? This is going to require some work, and some new skills to be learned (cheese making, cookie baking, preserving etc.).  But really, I could get my "super farm girl" shit together and hatch out a few turkeys for the holidays, right? This just vaguely sounded like a New Year's resolution didn't it? 

Anyway, then I remembered something...we had an office party last week, and everyone contributed a little food and drink for the gathering.  I sat and chatted with an Italian man for a bit, who got me thinking that I have been doing this whole entertaining thing horribly wrong.  His menu for a simple holiday gathering with friends and family?  Homemade wine (family recipe), homemade pizza (family recipe), topped with tomato sauce and garlic and herbs from his very own garden, and served alongside a simple salad (homemade vinaigrette), and some cookies and pastry from his mother.  Maybe a little too simple, but you get what I'm saying.

He brought his homemade pizza and wine to the office party that day, and it was a total hit!  The pizza was great, the wine amazing.  I was jealous of his pizza recipe. It was served at room temperature and it tasted fantastic!  It was better than my pizza recipe.  The best thing about this menu was that once prepared, it required no other effort from the cook, who now had all the time he wanted to chat and mingle with the other guests. And who doesn't like pizza?  Brilliant!

My take-away from this guy?  I really, really need to simplify things next year, and relieve some of my stress.  Simple food if done correct, is better, healthier, and allows more time to spend with your house guests!

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