Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Name Chili

My company held their annual "chili cook-off" this past Monday.  I didn't win.  But this chili recipe that I entered with, under the classification if "most unusual," was a very good recipe any hoo.  Expensive because of the amount of meat involved, but very good and filling.  The "heat" was just right.  I don't appreciate fire-house type chili that is so hot you can't taste any of the flavors anyway.

And, I got to try out my new meat grinder attachment for my mixer.  Fun! I ground my own pork for this recipe, which you can find at Food 52.  Anyone have a great chili recipe they'd like to share?  I could use one.

Beer makes it better!

(the wine was not part of the recipe - it was for the cook!)


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