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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Its great if you are a duck or a pig...

Speaking of pigs, my two are doing wonderful.  And loving this mud and rain! Wonderful storms thundered about last night throughout the evening and into the morning.  Though, I'm not really sure we need more water at this point.  Things are pretty much saturated and there is flooding everywhere. 

Yesterday the new rain barrel (crate?) was hooked up to the gutter downspout.  It was three quarters of the way full by seven o'clock this morning when I checked it.  It holds 275 gallons when filled to capacity.  That just shows how much water runs off a standard size roof in a few short hours.  Very mind blowing.  Even more mind blowing - the state of Colorado prohibits collecting rain runoff into rain barrels.

Saffy doesn't mind the rain either it appears...

Thanks to all this rain, the hay cutting is still on the back burner around here for the local farmers.  Hopefully, sometime in the next two weeks there will be enough of a break in the weather to get it done.  Though I personally dread that task - having to line up enough people to help get it put up.  Its not an easy job at all.  Unless you are a body builder and do not suffer from hay-related allergies.

I think I need to find an intern or two in the future to help out...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hay Time

Well the day certainly started out a little panicked this morning.  I was in the barn doing the normal routine of bringing horses in from the night and feeding all the farm animals when Ezra, the buck goat, decided he wanted fed NOW and rammed down the stall door. 

Thankfully, because he had not yet eaten breakfast, he was only too happy to follow me and his bucket of food into another stall to be locked up.  Otherwise, I'm not sure how I would have gotten him in there.  He doesn't much like being handled.

Once that was done, I went on to feed Chiba (the female goat) and discovered the little bunny who had escaped the day before hanging out in her stall. So then I had to chase the little one down and lock him back up with his other bunny buddies. 

Shortly after that, the hay guy showed up to cut and bale hay, which made me smile, knowing I will save some money this year by having my own hay field cut and baled.

Happy Friday All! ~A

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