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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are you a Slacker?

I've been slacking in my wine making.  Actually, I've been slacking with everything on the home front lately.  I'm not sure why.  Am I just getting old?  Don't get me wrong, all the animals are fed, watered and have a warm bed each day. No slacking there.  Me, on the other hand, sometimes I'm just too tired to make something to eat. 

Anyway, yesterday found me not in the best mood (the weather?) and when I'm not in my best mood, sometimes it does wonders if I just ignore half the "to-do's" on my list for the day and go do something creative instead.  Many times, that usually means cooking or making wine or bread.  It gives me the chance to just shut everything else out for a bit.

I arrived home from work yesterday around 6:30 pm.  The dogs were going crazy with boat loads of energy from being cooped up from the rain all day, and just wanted to tear the house down. A dead (beheaded!) young Barred Rock chick from the February 9th hatch was discovered near the barn (the work of a weasel it appeared). *sigh* The mare had trashed the shed row (she's in season) trying to "entertain" the poor visiting stud colt; the turkey hen pooped all over the tack room floor, and the goat had knocked over a full bucket of water.  And then, after the pigs overturned their food and water for the second time in ten minutes, I'd had enough for one evening.  I tidied it all up, fed everyone, and said good night to the barn. Lights out kids!

Back at the house, I poured myself a healthy glass of whiskey and then proceeded to make a gallon batch of apple /white grape wine. 

I used Montrachet yeast, yeast nutrient, and pectic enzyme.  I measured out the sugar and achieved a specific gravity of 1.090, which should give me a finished alcohol content around 12%.  Now I just have to wait...



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