Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orange Tea Wine Update

Remember the Orange Tea Wine I made back in February? I said good-by to it this week.  Every smooth, clear, luscious, popping with crisp hints of orange drop of it. 

Okay, it wasn't that good.  Not even close. After all, it only lived for two months.  Most wine should sit quietly for at least six months or longer in order to develop flavor and "mouth-feel" or whatever they call it.  Oh, and alcohol.  But the wine was OK, for "fast" wine.  And, I did drink it all over the course of a couple of weeks.  It sufficed in quenching thirst and catching a slight "buzz," but I dared not actually try to pair it with an actual food source!  In fact, I can't even fathom a food it would complement.  

I'm going to give this recipe another shot.  Next time, I'll alter it for a higher finished alcohol content, brew a stronger tea, and probably add some spices of some sort.  Ginger? Lemon peel? Juniper berry?  Cinnamon?  I'm also going to use a different tea - Bigelow's Cranberry Apple all-natural herbal tea.  Stay tuned...

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